Saturday, November 5, 2011

Using GitHub to get better at Ruby

Aside from being a great site to host open source software, GitHub is a great place to review other people's code. By following all the repositories you're interested in, you get to see all their latest updates on your dashboard when you log in. I've found it useful for writing better specs/scenarios - when I get writer's block, I go look at some of the bigger Ruby-based projects on Github for ideas.

Another cool thing to do is search repos for specific gems/libraries that you are interested in using, or trying to get your head around. When you search GitHub, you can do a search with very specific parameters.

For example: Search "Code" with language "Ruby" and term "require savon" to see other projects using the Savon gem - because consuming SOAP services in Ruby are so much fun! I mean, it's almost as good as getting teeth pulled... (Savon makes it bearable)

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